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"Jamin and Milestone have an uncommonly professional setup. I'm fortunate to live in the area and the in person lessons have helped establish a great lesson and learn partnership. One of the great features of the teaching style allows for a custom lesson plan enabling me to work on compositions I'm immediately interested in. This in turn keeps my motivation levels high. Jamin keeps it positive and graciously shares a lot or a little of his skill set when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't mind repeating himself, which helps a lot too. Highly recommended."

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"Thanks for taking our bass player to the next level!."

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"We love to show up early and play in the game room until its our turn for a lesson."

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"I recorded my first album with Milestones. I wasn't great back then, but I love to go back and listen to how far I've come!"

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"I love the money back guarantee. One of my kids continued on and loves his lessons, but the other one decided to focus more on sports. The teacher not only understood, but they supported the change, refunded the lesson money, and even bought him a new basketball. These teachers really care!"

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"The instructors are great musicians, but they're also great teachers. Several even have teaching credentials. I love this team of teachers..."

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"I Skype all my lessons, and it's so convenient. I don't have to get out and drive to the studio, plus I get to learn on my own piano."

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"Our daughter constantly surprises us with the things she’s able to play! Thank you, Milestones Music for seeing and bringing out her talent!."

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"Our son has been taking lessons from Milestones Music for 3 1/2 years and I love to hear him play! My son's teacher is excellent, adapting to the needs of the individual student and the way they learn. He understands the student, their needs, and encourages them to the best of their ability."

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"I love my saxophone lessons! I look forward to my lesson each week. Thank you, Milestones Music!"

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"I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else. Great instruction from a caring teacher."

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"I get to learn the songs I want at my own pace. Now I can play music for my kids, just like my dad used to play for us!"

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"Ethan loves his piano lessons with Milestones. He is building confidence and enjoying his new musical talents.:)"

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"We have told many people about Milestones and how they connect with each child and take the time to really get to know them and how they best learn. Our son loves to share his stories about his week with his teacher. Often, it is the first time that I've heard these stories! I love the concept of child driven education and it works beautifully at Milestones Music. We will always be grateful to them for the gift they have given our son!"

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"Milestones is great...very patient and connects with the kids. My granddaughter has some trouble focusing and her teacher motivates her to practice her pieces and keep trying to get it right. She can easily get frustrated with pressure and she is always ready to try her pieces to learn them for her teacher because he is so supportive and encouraging."

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"Milestones is great! Very encouraging and my teacher helps me pick songs I want to play. Learning to play the piano is so much fun!"

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"I would recommend Milestones as a young, enthusiastic musicians who give energy to their students and keep them engaged."

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"Hey, if your having trouble with learning your instrument I have a great guitar/music teacher that can definitely help you on whatever you need."

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"Relaxing and professional studio. Very motivating and encouraging teacher who is knowledgeable in many instruments and teaching styles that appeal to various age ranges and levels. He was patient, humorous and made the lessons fun and interesting!"

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"Milestones has excellent instructors and I really appreciate the invaluable lessons."


Jamin Coller - Founder of Milestones Music

Jamin Coller

"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are more interested in pushing their students through a set of books and cashing the check than helping people learn to play music they love. At Milestones Music, students learn the songs they care about and the teachers find a way to teach important concepts through the music the students are already motivated to practice."